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Trust the Science

Trust the Science!

Those who say Trust the Science are also telling us men can have babies and paper masks will protect us from a deadly respiratory virus! They also believe men can … Learn More

Trump Pride

President Trump will go down as the GREATEST President of ALL TIME!!!

President Donald J. Trump has never started anything and not finished it…and finished it well!!! There is no way he would hand our Country over to Biden, a man so … Learn More

Freedom Convoy

Oh Cana-duh

Oh Cana-duh!? Justin Trudeau has proven through c.o.v.ID that he is a Communist leaning Globalist and has actually come out and admitted it. “There is a level of admiration I … Learn More

Bill Gates depopulation


Everyone has an opinion on whether to be vaXXXinated or not. I personally know that after Bill Gates admitted he wanted to depopulate the Earth with the help of vaccinations, … Learn More