This Feels Like a “Practice Run”

This feels like a practice run for the New World Order! The forced vaccinations, experimental vaccines, mandates, travel restrictions, border closings, school closings, vaccination passports, booster schedules, etc. How far did we as a people bend for their plan? How far will we? Variant after variant, depending on the election season. Omicron=Moronic. Time to wake up!

Gray State – Official Trailer
Gray State – FEMA Camp Movie Writer Found Dead with Wife & Daughter in “Murder Suicide”
It’s no longer a conspiracy theory…Walmart = MARTIAL LAW
Bill Gates – ID2020

This is the post that got me deleted from Twitter on January 21, 2021! I was referring to a post asking about Event 201. I had heard of it and watched it, so I mentioned this should have been no surprise, since they planned, patented and coincidentally “war gamed” it ON OCTOBER 18, 2019!!! And the last part is still true …Bill Gates has already admitted he wants us to have “digital certificates”…ID2020.

New World Order
This Feels like a Practice Run because it is! The New World Order plan to create or finance the problem, to then implement their solution.

We now know the experimental vaccines were ineffective at best, yet political leaders are still calling for Vaccine passports because the Agenda calls for it. They are pushing for an implantable human microchip! Do not comply!