JFK Jr Q Connection

Who Is Q?

Who is Q? Q is a movement of like-minded Patriots at the highest forms of Government, posting Military drops to help wake up the masses and take down the Cabal. It has been vilified as ‘conspiracy theory’ by the actual conspirators. It is worth researching, as it is far more than the media mockery of it, which shows once again, they are over the target.

Who is Q?

It has been widely speculated that President Trump is a major part of it, and that is proven simply by the “comms” or communications that he shares in speeches, and messages that coincide perfectly with the Q post at the time. It is also rumored to include Ezra Cohen, Dan Scavino, and possibly JFK Jr.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEVzCtcT-Mo (Larry stumbles three times on the date of the letter, while looking right at it! He first said September 19th, which is most likely what he read. He then corrects it to August 19th, and finally settles on July 19th, as if recollecting from memory…not reading it from the letter! Even still, JFK Jr.’s plane crash happened on July 16th, and was reported by Senator Ted Kennedy at 2:15am in the early morning of the 17th. The bodies were apparently found on July 19th…the decided date of this letter.)