Clinton Kill List

The Clintons’ Kill List – UPDATED

Most people don’t even know 113 people that have died. The Clintons do! It is mathematically impossible to be this DIRECTLY connected to SO many heartbreaking murders! Check out this list, and YOU DECIDE!!!

  1. SUZANNE COLEMAN – 2.15.77 – SUICIDE – Reportedly had an affair with Clinton while he was the Attorney General of Arkansas. She died of a GUNSHOT wound to the BACK OF HER HEAD! She was pregnant at the time!!!
  2. SHERIFF GENE MATTHEWS – 6.3.83 – MURDER – Was investigating Mena Airport’s Drug smuggling case. He was questionably shot in the line of duty by Federal Officers.
  3. JUDI GIBBS – 1.3.86 – MURDER – Gibbs worked at an Arkansas bordello that blackmailed its clients with photos. According to her family, Bill Clinton was her regular customer and there were photos of them together. Her house was mysteriously burned down with her inside. In a sworn statement, Clinton bodyguard Barry Spivey said he had been with Clinton when the governor’s plane flew over her house and Clinton pointed out the house to him. (Is Barry Spivey on this list?)
  4. BARRY PUTERBAUGH – 1.3.86 – MURDER – Was longtime boyfriend of Penthouse Pet Judi Gibbs and died in same fire.
  5. BARRY SEAL – 2.19.86 – MURDER – Died of multiple gunshot wounds – Airline Pilot who began smuggling drugs for the CIA, out of Mesa Airport, in Arkansas. His story inspired the movie American Made.
  6. LARRY GUERRIN – 2.1987 – Killed while investigating INSLAW case.
  7. KEVIN IVES – 8.23.87 – MURDER- Dubbed as “The Boys on the Track”, Ives and Don Henry purportedly saw too much at the Mesa Airport, in Arkansas. Was initially reported that they fell asleep on the train tracks. Later reported they were killed, and then placed on the tracks.
  8. DON HENRY – 8.23.87 – MURDER – One of the two boys found murdered on the train tracks, with Kevin Ives. (Above)
  9. KEITH CONEY – 7.1988 – Died when his motorcycle hit the back of a truck. Coney and the following 8 people were tied to the Arkansas Airport case, and all died over the next two years.
  10. KEITH MCKASKLE – 11.1988 – MURDER – Stabbed 113 times!!!
  11. GREGORY COLLINS – 1.1989 – MURDER – Gunshot
  12. JEFF RHODES – 4.1989 – MURDER – Died of gunshots, was mutilated, and then burned in a dump.
  13. JAMES MILAN – 4.1989 – MURDER – Found decapitated, yet the “Coroner” still ruled that he died of “natural causes”.
  14. BOONEY BEARDEN – 4.1989 – MISSING – Related to the Arkansas Train Deaths.
  15. RICHARD WINTERS – 7.1989 – MURDER – Was a suspect in the Arkansas Train deaths and agreed to cooperate. Died of a shotgun blast.
  16. DAN SHORT – 10.6.89 – MURDER – Was found taped to a chair and floating in the water, drowned. He had apparently been thrown into the water, alive. He was a banker involved in the Mena Arkansas drug smuggling case and was forced to launder money through his bank. He was having second thoughts and was looking for a way out.
  17. JORDAN KETTLESON – 6.1990 – MURDER – Jordan had information on the Ives/Henry Arkansas Train Deaths. Found shot to death in his pickup.
  18. DANNY CASOLARO – 8-10-91 – Investigative Reporter in Mena Airport & Arkansas Development Finance Authority case. He apparently slit his wrists 10-12 times!!!…in the middle of his investigation.
  19. VICTOR RAISER II – 7.30.92 – PRIVATE PLANE CRASH – Clinton fundraiser
  20. ROBERT MONTGOMERY – 7.30.92 – PRIVATE PLANE CRASH with his father, Victor Raiser.
  21. PAUL TULLEY – 9.24.1992 – “HEART ATTACK or STROKE” – Director of Political Operations for the Democratic National Committee.
  22. PAULA GROBER – 12.2.92 – SINGLE CAR CRASH – Was Clinton’s Interpreter for the Deaf – ’78-’92
  23. JIM WILHITE – 12.21.92 – Vice Chairman of the natural gas company ARKLA, was killed when he skied into a tree on Snowmass Mountain in Aspen, Colorado. He died less than a week after ARKLA chairman Thomas McLarty resigned to become White House Chief of Staff.
  24. MAJOR GENERAL WILLIAM ROBERTSON – 2.23.92 – HELICOPTER CRASH – Died when Blackhawk just fell out of the sky and exploded into flames”.
  25. COLONEL WILLIAM DENSBERGER – 2.23.92 – HELICOPTER CRASH – Died in the same Blackhawk crash as above.
  26. COLONEL ROBERT KELLY – 2.23.92 – HELICOPTER CRASH – Died in the same Blackhawk crash as above.
  27. SERGEANT GARY RHODES – 2.23.92 – HELICOPTER CRASH – Died in the same Blackhawk crash as above.
  28. STEVE WILLIS – 2.28.93– MURDERED @ WACO STANDOFF – All four men had been bodyguards for Bill Clinton, and three worked when he was campaigning for President., and when he was Arkansas Governor. ALL FOUR died with IDENTICAL gunshot wounds to the left temple!
  29. ROBERT WILLIAMS – 2.28.93- MURDERED @ WACO STANDOFF – One of the four Feds killed in Waco.
  30. TODD MCKEAHAN – 2.28.93- MURDERED @ WACO STANDOFF One of the four Feds killed in Waco.
  31. CONWAY LEBLEU – 2.28.93- MURDERED @ WACO STANDOFF One of the four Feds killed in Waco. MUST WATCH
  32. MAJOR WILLIAM S. BARKLEY JR. – 5.19.93 – HELICOPTER CRASH – Military suspects a Direct Microwave Energy Weapon (D.E.W.) attack. All 4 pilots flew Clinton everywhere.
  33. MARINE SERGEANT TIM SABEL – 5.19.93 – HELICOPTER CRASH – Died in same helicopter crash as above.
  34. STAFF SERGEANT BRIAN HANLEY – 5.19.93 – HELICOPTER CRASH – Died in same helicopter crash as above.
  35. CAPTAIN SCOTT J. REYNOLDS – 5.19.93 – HELICOPTER CRASH – Died in same helicopter crash as above.
  36. JAMES WILSON – 5.1993 – SUICIDE BY HANGING – Had ties to Whitewater.
  37. PAUL WILCHER – 6.22.93 – SUICIDE – Attorney investigating corruption at Mena Airport in Arkansas with Casolaro. He was found dead on his toilet in the middle of his investigation.
  38. VINCE FOSTER – 7.20.93 – SUICIDE – Former White House Council and worked with Hillary at Little Rock’s Rose Law Firm. Vince died of a gunshot wound to the BACK OF HIS HEAD!
  39. JOHN PARNELL WALKER – 8.15.93 – SKIING ACCIDENT -Vice Chairman of the natural gas company ARKLA, was killed when he skied into a tree on Snowmass Mountain in Aspen, Colorado. He died less than a week after ARKLA chairman Thomas McLarty resigned to become White House Chief of Staff.
  40. DR. STANLEY HEARD – 9.10.93 – PLANE CRASH – Chairman of the National Chiropractic Healthcare & Advisory Committee. Served on Clinton’s Advisory Council, and personally treated Bill Clinton’s own family members.
  41. JERRY PARKS – 9.26.93 – MURDER – Was Head of Clinton’s Gubernatorial Security team in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was machine gunned down in his car. Parks’ son said his Dad was building a dossier on Clinton. After he died, the files disappeared!!!
  42. ED WILLEY – 11.29.93 – SUICIDE – gunshot wound to the head, while deep in the woods. Was a Clinton fundraiser. He died same day that Kathleen Willey claimed Bill groped her in the Oval Office.
  43. GANDY BAUGH – 1.8.94 – SUICIDE – apparently jumped from a tall building. He was an Attorney for Bill Clinton’s friend, Danny Lasater.
  44. JAMES BUNCH – 2.11.94 – SUICIDE – Gunshot wound – Had a black book of the elites with prostitutes in Arkansas and Texas.
  45. HERSHELL FRIDAY – 3.1.94 – PLANE EXPLODED – Attorney and Clinton fundraiser.
  46. KATHY FERGUSON – 5.10.94 – SUICIDE – Ex-wife of Arkansas State Trooper Danny Ferguson. She was found dead in her living room, with bags packed for a trip. Danny was a co-defendant along with Bill Clinton in the Paula Jones case. Kathy was a corroborating witness for Paula Jones.
  47. BILL SHELTON – 6.12.94 – SUICIDE – Arkansas State Trooper & fiancé to Kathy Ferguson. While critical and outspoken about his wife’s suicide ruling, he dies of a “self-inflicted” gunshot wound to the head, while visiting his recently murdered wife.
  48. STANLEY HUGGINS – 6.23.94 – REPORTED SUICIDE – Huggins had been investigating the collapse of Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan, Jim McDougal’s bank. He died of viral pneumonia before his 300 pages of findings could be released.
  49. FLORENCE MARTIN – 10.23.94 – MURDER – Died of 3 gunshot wounds. Accountant & CIA Subcontractor- connections to the Barry Seal, Mena Airport drug smuggling scandal.
  50. RON BROWN – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – Secretary of Commerce & DNC Chairman Ron Brown was flying with 33 other passengers when their plane crashed. He was cutting a deal with Prosecutors. He was also mysteriously said to have been found with a gunshot wound to the top of the head.
  51. JIM LEWEK – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – CIA Analyst – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  52. LEE JACKSON – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH Treasury Department – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  53. Nathaniel Nash –– 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – NY Times Frankfurt Bureau Chief – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  54. DRAGICA LENDIC BEBEK – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  55. NIKSA ANTONINI – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  56. DUANE CHRISTIAN – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – Brown’s security – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  57. ADAM DARLING – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH Brown’s confidential Assistant – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  58. GAIL DOBERT – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH Deputy Director for the Office of Business Liaison – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  59. CAROL HAMILTON – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH Brown’s Press Secretary – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  60. KATHRYN HOFFMAN – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – Brown’s Senior Advisor for Strategic scheduling & special initiatives. – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  61. STEVE KAMINSKI – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – Commerce Counselor for US and Foreign Commercial Services – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  62. KATHY KELLOGG – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – Confidential Assistant in the Office of Business Liaison – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  63. CHARLES MEISSNER – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – Assistant Secretary of Commerce for International Economic Policy – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash. Meissner gave John Huang security clearance days before.
  64. WILLIAM MORTON – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Economic Development – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  65. LAWRENCE PAYNE – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – Special Assistant for US and Foreign Commerce Service – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  66. NAOMI WARBASSE – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – International Trade Specialist – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  67. BARRY L. CONRAD – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – Chairman & CEO of Barrington Group- Miami, Florida – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  68. PAUL CUSHMAN III – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – Chairman & CEO of Riggs International Banking Corp.- Washington, DC – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  69. ROBERT E. DONOVAN – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – President & CEO of ABB Inc.- Norwalk, Connecticut – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  70. CLAUDIO ELIA – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – Chairman & CEO of Air & Water Technology Corp.-Somerville, New Jersey. One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  71. DAVID FORD – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – President & CEO of InterGuard Corp. of Guardian International – Auburn, Hills, Michigan. One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  72. FRANK MAIER– 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – President of Enserch International Ltd.- Dallas, Texas – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  73. LEONARD PIERONI – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – Chairman & CEO of Parsons Corp.- Pasadena, California – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  74. JOHN A. SCOVILLE – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – Chairman of Harza Engineering Co.- Chicago, Illinois – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  75. DONALD TERNER – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – President of Bridge House Corp.- San Francisco, California – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  76. STUART THOLAN – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – President of Bechtel-Europe/Africa/Middle East/Southeast Asia-San Francisco, California – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  77. ROBERT A. WHITTAKER – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – Chairman & CEO of Foster Wheeler Energy International-Clinton, New Jersey – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  78. CAPTAIN ASHLEY DAVIS – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – Pilot – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  79. CAPTAIN TIM SCHAFER– 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – Pilot – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  80. STAFF SERGEANT GERALD ALDRICH – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – Flight Mechanic – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  81. STAFF SERGEANT ROBERT FARRINGTON JR. – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – Steward – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  82. SERGEANT CHERYL TURNEGE – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – Steward – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  83. SERGEANT SHELLY KELLY – 4.3.96 – PLANE CRASH – Steward – One of the 34 passengers killed in Ron Brown’s plane crash.
  84. AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER 4.6.96 – SUICIDE – committed suicide after the Ron Brown crash.
  85. JOHN HILLYER – 11.29.96 – MURDER – NBC cameraman John Hillyer was investigating a drug-smuggling operation in Mena, Arkansas while Clinton was governor, and also worked on the Clinton exposé videos “Circle of Power” and “The Clinton Chronicles.” Hillyer’s filmmaking partner said that once they started interviewing people in Arkansas, they discovered the criminality and intrigue were far worse than they had imagined. “We were followed on a regular basis,” he said. When they temporarily moved in with some other journalists interested in exposing the Clintons, they discovered eight “bugs” in the house. They reported that someone tried to break in one night and recognized the man as one of Governor Clinton’s security staff. During the filming, two of their sources were found dead before they could be interviewed. Hillyer called his partner in 1996 to say he had uncovered new information on Clinton, but they had to meet in person because he was scared. He died of a heart attack three days later.
  86. BARBARA WISE – 11.29.96 – MURDER UNKNOWN – Wise was a 14-year Commerce Department staffer appointed by Reagan who stayed on through Bush and Clinton’s administrations. It’s believed she knew of illegal dealings between Bill Clinton, the Chinese government, and Ron Brown (her boss who died in a plane crash in April). After she was suspected of leaking Commerce documents exposing the scandal, she was found dead, naked and bruised from head to waist in a locked Commerce Department office. President Clinton left for an unscheduled trip to Camp David that morning.
  87. MARY MAHONEY – 7.6.97 – MURDER – White House intern until 1995. She later worked at a D.C. Starbucks, where she became friends with one of her customers: White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Mahoney and two co-workers were killed during what was supposedly a “robbery” of the Starbucks, even though there was $10,000 left in the safe. A man named Carl Cooper was charged with their murders in March 1999; he pled guilty but changed his story to the FBI during the trial. Mahoney was shot five times with the key to the safe in her hand. This happened during Paula Jones’ sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill Clinton, and three days after Lewinsky told Clinton she wanted to tell her parents about their affair (Clinton’s answer to her was “it’s a crime to threaten the President”). Friends of Lewinsky anonymously told investigators that “Monica didn’t want to end up like Mary Mahoney.”
  88. RON MILLER – 10.12.97 – MURDER UNKNOWN – Oklahoma businessman scheduled to testify against First Lady Hillary Clinton and White House Chief of Staff Thomas McLarty. The regulatory hearing was on money laundering and price gouging at the ARKLA corporation, a natural gas company that McLarty was previously chairman of. In the months leading up to the hearing, Miller received phone and in-person threats; he became ill on October 2 and died 10 days later, never able to testify. The Oklahoma medical examiner declared Miller’s death a “medical mystery.”
  89. ERIC BUTERA – 12.4.97 – MURDER – Was an informant who had information about the murder of Mary Mahoney, a White House intern who was also found dead. Butera was asked to help police with an undercover drug buy, during which he was beaten to death.
  90. JAMES MCDOUGAL – 3.8.98 – MURDER – Clinton business partner and the brains behind their Whitewater Development Corporation, reportedly died of cardiac arrest in federal prison hospital at age 58. He was serving time, along with his wife Susan, on fraud and conspiracy charges connected to Whitewater and had been cooperating with independent counsel Ken Starr in the investigation. The day after his death, the Baltimore Sun reported: “His death appears to reduce the legal risks to President Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton, and was a clear setback to Starr and his prosecutors, who huddled in their offices last night after McDougal’s death was announced.”
  91. JOHNNY LAWHORN JR. – 3.29.98 – CAR CRASH – Mechanic who discovered a large check made out to Bill Clinton from Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan (the bank owned by a Clinton friend James McDougal). The check was said to have been found in a car at his repair shop. He was later killed in a car accident, after driving into a Utility pole! Guess who’s next on the casualty list? James McDougal, who died just two weeks earlier.
  92. DAVID MCCLOUD – 7.26.98 – MURDER – Lieutenant General David McCloud was Bill Clinton’s director for the Joint Chiefs of Staff Force Structure in 1996-97. He was killed while he piloted his personal aircraft in 1998. Some have speculated he was one of 24 flag officers who sought to arrest President Clinton for treason under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
  93. CORPORAL ERIC S. FOX – 3.22.99 – SUICIDE – Fox was a Marine One helicopter crewman during the Clinton administration. He was found shot in the head, and his death was declared a suicide.
  94. CHARLES WILBOURNE MILLER – 11.17.99 – MURDER – Was VP of Alltel, the company that created the Clinton White House’s “Big Brother” data tracking system. He was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head in a shallow pit about 300 yards from his ranch house near Little Rock, Arkansas.
  95. CARLOS GHIGLIOTTI – 4.28.00 – MURDER – Ghigliotti was a thermal imaging expert hired by Congress to analyze surveillance footage from the FBI’s 1993 raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. He was found dead in his Maryland home, with his badly decomposed body sitting at his desk. His friend, attorney David T. Hardy, is quoted as saying, “I think he may have known too much. Carlos told me he had discovered things that were much, much worse than anything that had come out yet.”
  96. CHARLES RUFF – 11.2000 – MURDER – Attorney for Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal and impeachment trial, reportedly “died after an accident at his Washington D.C. home.” One report said he was found unconscious outside his shower. Other reports said he had a heart attack.
  97. GARETH WILLIAMS – 8.16.10 – MURDER – Williams, a transatlantic MI6 spy, was found naked, padlocked and stuffed in a 32-by-19-inch duffel bag in his London bathtub. According to the UK Sun, he had illegally hacked secret data on Bill Clinton. Scotland Yard called the death a suicide, saying Williams “locked himself in the bag.”
  98. AMBASSADOR CHRIS STEVENS – 9.11/12.12 – Benghazi Four
  99. USFS OFFICER SEAN SMITH – 9.11/12.12 – Benghazi Four
  100. TYRONE WOODS – 9.11/12.12 – CIA Contractor – Benghazi Four
  101. GLEN DOHERTY – 9.11/12.12 – Benghazi Four
  102. PAUL WALKER 11.30.13 – MURDER – Died when his car EXPLODED. The explosion could be seen for miles!!! He had information on the atrocities of the Clinton Foundation in Haiti and was about to break the story on Child trafficking.
  103. JOHN ASHE – 6.22.16 – MURDER – Was President of the U.N. General Assembly in 2013 and 2014. He died in an apparent “barbell accident” with a crushed windpipe the day before he was set to testify against the DNC and Hillary Clinton.
  104. SETH RICH – 7.10.16 – 27-year-old Patriot and DNC staffer Seth Rich’s death was right before the DNC convention. Rich was shot in the back of the head around 4 AM on July 10 in what authorities called a “robbery,” even though his wallet and cash were found on him. Some have said Rich may be the whistleblower who gave damning information on the DNC to WikiLeaks – specifically, that they sabotaged Bernie Sanders’ campaign so no one would stand in Hillary’s way. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange hinted this was a possibility.
  105. JOE MANTANO – 7.25.16 – MURDER – Was a close aide to Hillary’s running mate Tim Kaine, reportedly died of a heart attack after the Wikileaks DNC email dump. He was 47.
  106. VICTOR THORN – 8.1.16 – MURDER – Author of several books exposing the Clintons (the most recent of which is titled Crowning Clinton: Why Hillary Shouldn’t be in the White House) was found dead of a gunshot wound on top of a mountain near his home in Pennsylvania.
  107. SHAUN LUCAS – 8.2.16 – MURDER – Attorney found dead on his bathroom floor one month after serving the DNC with a lawsuit on behalf of Bernie Sanders supporters who alleged that the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz rigged the Democratic primary for Hillary. A friend filmed Lucas serving the lawsuit papers at the DNC headquarters in Washington D.C. on June 28.
  108. CHRIS CORNELL – 5.18.17 – SUICIDE – Soundgarden front man, and friend of Chester Bennington. Bennington, Cornell, and Anthony Bourdain were all working on a documentary about pedophilia and child trafficking!
  109. CHESTER BENNINGTON – 7.20.17 – SUICIDE – Linkin Park front man, and son of the evil John Podesta. Bennington, Cornell, and Anthony Bourdain were all working on a documentary about pedophilia and child trafficking!
  110. ANTHONY BOURDAIN – 6.8.18 – SUICIDE – Television Host who was outspoken about having information on Hillary. Anthony Bourdain, Chester Bennington, and Chris Cornell were all working on a documentary about pedophilia and child trafficking!
  111. SAAK KARAPETYAN – 10.3.18 – HELICOPTER CRASH – Russian Deputy Prosecutor General – Helicopter initially said to have been overloaded…was later learned he had two bullet holes in his head! (Same M.O. as Ron Brown murder) High ranking Russian Prosecutor is said to have “dirt” on Hillary Clinton.
  112. JEFFREY EPSTEIN – 7.23.19 – SUICIDE – Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell ran one of the MOST evil, and elaborate pedophilia and child trafficking rings in the World!!!…with ties to Washington, Prince Andrew and the Royal family, and the Vatican. Guards were not present at the time of his death, and all video surveillance was disconnected. Maxwell was found guilty, but her client list remains sealed!?!?!?
  113. CHRISTOPHER SIGN – 6.12.21 – MURDER – Phoenix reporter who broke the news of a 2016 airport tarmac meeting between former President Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch while Hillary Clinton was running for president. Sign, who wrote a book about the clandestine meeting called Secret on the Tarmac in 2020, told Fox & Friends that his family had received death threats and that he and his children had “code words” to help keep themselves safe. His Murder is being investigated as a suicide.
  114. …pending…

An Article that was shared into Congressional Record, by the HON. ANDREW JACOBS Jr., regarding the Clinton Kill List. [Congressional Record Volume 140, Number 112 (Friday, August 12, 1994)] [Extensions of Remarks] [Page E] From the Congressional Record Online through the Government Printing Office [] [Congressional Record: August 12, 1994] From the Congressional Record Online via GPO Access [] WHATEVER IT IS, BILL CLINTON PROBABLY DID IT ______ HON. ANDREW JACOBS, JR. of indiana in the house of representatives Friday, August 12, 1994 Mr. JACOBS. Mr. Speaker, I insert the following article from the U.S. News & World Report, August 8, 1994, edition. It should be noted that the politics of personal attack is, in its essence, character assassination. Character assassination like physical assassination can be effective, that is, it can destroy if someone is willing to stoop to it. One more conspiracy for the Merchants of Venom to contemplate: who slipped in that commandment on Moses, the one that says, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” Violent and destructive words are akin to violent and destructive deeds. They will inspire violence on the part of others. Here is how Kipling said it: . . . And sure it keeps their honor clean The learned court believes They never gave a piece of plate To murderers or thieves They never told the ramping crowd To card a woman’s hide They never marked a man for death What fault of theirs he died? They only said intimidate And talked and went their way By God, the boys who did the work Were better men than they. [From the U.S. News & World Report, Aug. 8, 1994] Whatever it is, Bill Clinton Likely Did It (By Greg Ferguson and David Bowermaster) Sitting in a cozy parlor and wearing a red cardigan, Larry Nichols looks into the camera like an earnest Mr. Rogers and tells of “countless people who mysteriously died” after having run-ins with Bill Clinton. Nichols, an Arkansas state employee fired in 1988 for making hundreds of calls to the Nicaraguan Contras from his office, says it’s all part of Clinton’s “evil society.” So goes “Bill Clinton’s Circle of Power,” a video made earlier this year by Citizens for Honest Government, a California-based conservative group headed by television producer Pat Matrisciana. The video is filled with dark suggestions that as president and governor, Clinton was connected to the murders and beatings of several people, including political opponents. The Rev. Jerry Falwell promoted the video during a month of TV infomercials, and it has sold more than 100,000 copies, according to its makers. They hope its sequel, “The Clinton Chronicles,” which repeats the charges at greater length, might outsell the first, even without Falwell’s help. Beyond last week’s congressional Whitewater hearings and the ferment over Paula Corbin Jones’ sexual harassment lawsuit, attacks against Clinton have taken a decidedly sinister turn. Televangelists, conservative talk-show hosts, political opponents and some computer bulletin-board aficionados are suggesting that Clinton could be tied to dozens of deaths, from a pneumonia case in Delaware to three of the four federal agents killed in the raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. weird era Even at a time of great national anxiety and confusion, the intense, fecund and often bizarre charges leveled against Clinton are startling. He has unusually high negative ratings in many polls, but even that fails to explain fully the extreme nature of the charges leveled at him. “These attacks have reached a level of inventive and viciousness that is unparalleled,” complained White House counsel Lloyd Cutler during last week’s Whitewater hearings. “There are a great many people who would like to bring President Clinton down who will stop at practically nothing.” No episode seems beyond Clinton’s reach in the world of conspiracy buffs. A Wall Street Journal editorial in March chastised the “respectable press” for showing “little-to- no appetite for publishing anything about sex and violence” in Whitewater-related matters. It proceeded to report that while working on a story for the New Republic about incestuous relationships between business leaders and politicos in Arkansas, writer L.J. Davis opened the door to his Little Rock hotel room and remembered next awakening face down on the floor with a hefty bump on his head and “significant” pages of his notes missing. The implication was that some sinister elements had tired to quash Davis’ piece. But Davis soon admitted drinking at least four martinis that night. No pages were missing from his notebook, and he had no idea how he ended up on the floor. “I certainly wasn’t about to conclude that somebody cracked me on the head,” Davis said at the time. Even the most serious charges are characterized by serious deficiencies in corroborating evidence. In a letter to congressional leaders, former Rep. William Dannemeyer lists 24 people with some connection to Clinton who have died “under other than natural circumstances” and calls for hearings on the matter. On Dannemeyer’s list is James Wilhite, a friend of White House adviser Thomas “Mack” McLarty who suffered fatal head injuries in December 1992 when he skied into a tree in Colorado. Clinton was nowhere near the scene. Dannemeyer also mentions Paul Tully, a chain- smoking, overweight Democratic strategist who, according to Little Rock police spokesman Lt. Charles Holladay and the Pulaski County coroner’s report, died of a heart attack in 1992. Next is Jon Walker, an administrator in the Resolution Trust Corp. office probing Madison Guaranty; Walker died last year when he jumped from Northern Virginia apartment building. Tom Bell, a detective with the Arlington, Va., police say Walker was a “particularly clear case of suicide because there was a witness.” Others on the Dannemeyer list are more curious but completely lack evidence implicating Clinton. In March, a plane piloted by 72-year-old Herschel Friday, head of a prestigious Little Rock law firm, crashed on approach to a private runway near Friday’s home. Friday served on Clinton’s presidential campaign finance committee, and his widow, Beth, says the Clintons were “good friends.” However, rumors about a link between Whitewater and Friday’s death began circulating soon after the crash. The National Transportation Safety Board has not issued its final report on the crash, but so far investigators have given the family no indication the plane had mechanical problems. Mrs. Friday is confident her husband’s death was “purely an accident.” Dannemeyer admits that Clinton may have had no involvement in Friday’s death and some of the others, but he insists that the “number goes beyond coincidence.” He says he merely wants them investigated. the clinton body count Dannemeyer’s list of “suspicious deaths” is taken largely from one compiled by Linda Thompson. She is an Indianapolis lawyer who in 1993 quit her one-year-old general practice to run her American Justice Federation, a for-profit group that promotes pro-gun causes and various conspiracy theories through a shortwave radio program, a computer bulletin board and sales of its newsletter and videos. Her list, called “The Clinton Body Count: Coincidence or the Kiss of Death?” and updated biweekly, now contains 34 names of people she believes died suspiciously and who had ties to the Clinton family. Thompson admits she has “no direct evidence” of Clinton killing anyone. Indeed, she says the deaths were probably caused by “people trying to control the president” but refuses to say who they were. Thompson says her allegations of murder “seem groundless only because the mainstream media haven’t done enough digging.” Earlier this year, Thompson released two videotapes and a folksy music video purporting to show that the February 1993 shootout in Waco, Texas, was a conspiracy in which three agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms were “executed” in the Branch Davidian’s armory by their own men because of what they might have witnessed as Clinton’s bodyguards. Though the men did help the Secret Service guard Clinton a few times, the Treasury Department’s report in the Waco standoff refutes the charge: “Contrary to some publicly disseminated accounts, none of the agents that entered the armory was killed.” According to the report, the men were killed in different locations around the compound. ATF spokesman Les Stanford says, “Her videos are replete with falsehood and errors.” Of the “suspicious deaths” listed by Thompson and endorsed by Dannemeyer, many victims have only the most tenuous ties to Clinton–four members of Marine Helicopter Squadron One, for example. The unit is responsible for transporting the president. The four marines died in May 1993 when the Blackhawk helicopter they had taken out for a maintenance-evaluation flight crashed. According to a Marine spokesman, Chief Warrant Officer Robert Jenks, faulty installation of a spindle pin allowed the helicopter’s engines to produce too much power until an overspeed protection device shut them down. There was no evidence of sabotage. Clinton had set foot in the aircraft on only one occasion, two months before, when he traveled from the White House to the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Thompson concedes, “I don’t know what Clinton’s motive was.” But she speculates that they “could have been privy to information about Clinton’s plan for Bosnia.” foster’s death The starting place for all Clinton murder theorists seems to be Vincent Foster, the deputy White House counsel whose death last year unleashed a torrent of speculation. Jerry Falwell, Pat Robinson, Rush Limbaugh and others have suggested that Foster was probably murdered. On the anniversary of Foster’s death, July 20, Foster’s family made a public appeal to end the speculation. The death has been ruled a suicide in two separate investigations. Foster’s family says they fully accept that verdict. That hasn’t stopped Clinton’s attackers, however. Many have dismissed the report by Whitewater investigator Robert Fiske Jr., a former U.S. attorney for New York under Presidents Ford and Carter and highly respected private attorney, calling Foster’s death a suicide. In rejecting more macabre theories about Foster, these critics say, Fiske–a Republican–was simply doing Clinton’s bidding. “Fiske was appointed by Janet Reno at the suggestion of Bernard Nussbaum,” says Falwell. “It’s like putting Hillary Clinton in there.” Testifying last week before Congress, Nussbaum said he never mentioned Fiske or anyone else to Reno as a potential special counsel. There are other suicides that the conspiracy buffs tie to Clinton. In May, Sherwood, Ark., police officer Bill Shelton found his live-in girlfriend, Kathy Ferguson, slumped on the couch in his apartment, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. A month later, Shelton was found on Ferguson’s grave, a bullet hole through his head, a gun by his side and a suicide note in his truck. Less than a week before Ferguson’s death, her ex-husband, Danny, was named as a codefendant in Paula Jones’s lawsuit against the president. Rumors began swirling that her death– and later Shelton’s–was tied to the president’s alleged infidelities. But police have found no reason to think so. The relationship between Ferguson and Shelton had reportedly fallen on hard times, and Ferguson’s daughter told police her mother had been upset about a note from Shelton. The only people hinting at ties to Bill Clinton are in the media, police say. “It’s like they want me to say something [about a connection],” says Sherwood Police Department spokesman Ray Snider. “It was suicide, period.” Luther “Jerry” Parks’s death last September is almost as disputed as Foster’s. Indeed, Parks’s case is the only murder on Dannemeyer’s list that law enforcement authorities do not consider solved. Parks’s security company guarded Clinton’s campaign headquarters in 1992. His son, Gary, asserts in both “Circle of Power” and “The Clinton Chronicles” that his father collected a secret file of the president’s alleged indiscretions. Shortly before the elder Parks was shot to death while driving his car, Gary says, the file was stolen. Lieutenant Holladay says there is no evidence of such a file, nor any evidence that Clinton had anything to do with Parks’s death. Gary, he says, “is grasping at straws. We have found his allegations to be baseless.” Jerry Parks reportedly had many enemies after he was fired from two Arkansas police departments and after a bitter falling out with a business partner. Still, Larry Nichols says he is helping Gary Parks bring a wrongful death suit against “someone close to Clinton who doesn’t have presidential immunity.” One recent death is that of Stanley Huggins, who died in June. In 1987, Huggins examined the loan practices of the thrift, Madison Guaranty, at the center of the Whitewater storm. His 400-gage report has never been made public. But Dr. Richard Callery, Delaware’s top medical examiner, says Huggins died of viral myocarditis and bronchial pneumonia. Lt. Joel Ivory of the University of Delaware police says his “exhaustive” investigation of Huggins’s death turned up “no sign at all of foul play.” The flood of accusations shows no sign of abating. And to all conspiracy buffs, official sources are suspect. Falwell asks how the Arkansas police could investigate the deaths: “The police in Arkansas brought Clinton’s girlfriends to him.” He also says that guilty or innocent, Clinton encourages suspicion: “He’s trying to get the courts to postpone his sex harassment suit. If he gets by with that, O.J. Simpson should run for president.”

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