Fauci Satanic Symbology

Symbology Will Be Their Demise

Symbology will be their demise because people are waking out to what they are communicating. Pedophile logos and Satanic symbology has been hidden in plain sight. The Cabal reveals their intentions in what is known in Satanic and Illuminati circles as The Revelation of the Method. Illuminati cards available in 1994-1995 that referenced the World Trade Towers, the Pentagon, and more.

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“PIZZA ARRANGEMENT??? Hotdogs can come, …but they will be our downfall? You are the President, and if you disagree, WE CAN VOTE ON IT”??? (Wikileaks)

For the non-believers-let’s look at some social media posts by Comet Pizza owner James Alefantis! He happens to be named One of the Most Influential Men in Washington. You’ll see why.

Symbology will be their Demise

You think these sick bastards are kidding?

Still not convinced on Pizzagate! Click here…

WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE??? This child has clearly been drugged or killed.

Symbology will be their Demise

While the truly horrific stories of Frazzledrip and Adrenochrome were breaking during covID, the mainstream media and its puppets were all pushing this logo, at once!!! Then I saw the picture that they were deflecting us from.

The poor victim they are mocking…



This final example of Symbology was overlooked but it will be what takes down the Cabal! This shows President Trump put the Military in control…and everything should be fixed soon!