MUST SEE Documentaries!

Title says it all. MUST SEE Documentaries. Please watch with an open mind but be prepared for it to be mind-blown!

2000 Mules Trailer -(WATCH FULL VIDEO BELOW)

WATCH FULL 2000 MULES VIDEO HERE This isn’t about any Political outcome. It’s bigger than that! This is a MUST-SEE Documentary for ALL AMERICANS! People asked for proof…HERE IS THE PROOF!

Aaron Russo -True Hero talks about the NWO Agenda. Aaron Russo was an American Patriot that was invited into the New World Order Cabal, by Davis Rockefeller. He refused and died of Cancer shortly thereafter. But he didn’t die in vain. He woke up millions of people to the NWO & Secret Societies.
Freedom to Fascism
CIA Foreign Affiars
Loose Change – 2007


Zeitgeist: Addendum (If video is restricted, click this link to watch)
Ted Gunderson – The Great Conspiracy- Legendary Hero Whistleblower discusses Washington Pedophiles, JFK Murder, False Flags -Waco, 9-11, etc. This is another great American hero that was killed for sharing the truth with the World.
DAVID STRAIGHT – TEMPE, ARIZONA – ZOOM SEMINAR | PART 1 OF 2 – June 12 – 13,2021 (5:04:27)

This man is a true American Patriot, and a powerhouse to listen to! He discusses everything from CPS and Human Trafficking to Military Tribunals, to how to legally take back your personal freedoms, and civil liberties. Starting with your birth certificate, all the way to land patents, he teaches how to take back what was given away or taken. He also discusses your true Constitutional rights. MUST SEE

DAVID STRAIGHT – TEMPE, ARIZONA – ZOOM SEMINAR | PART 2 OF 2 – June 12 -13 2021 (5:05:50)
Plandemic – Dr. Judy MikovitsA Great American Doctor, Researcher and Whistleblower, showed us the corrupt ways of the CDC, Anthony Fauci and how he suppressed research findings and treatments for AIDS. She also exposes the corruption with c.o.v.ID.
Fauci, Vaccines, and Big Pharma’s Power | Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Interview, Part 1