Trump Pride

President Trump will go down as the GREATEST President of ALL TIME!!!

President Donald J. Trump has never started anything and not finished it…and finished it well!!! There is no way he would hand our Country over to Biden, a man so compromised by connections to China, Ukraine, and pedophilia within his own family! President Trump would not do that with our Country! He is above all else, a proud, God loving Patriot! He was beloved in every circle before he ran for President! When he did run, the Cabal began their attack…trying to create division! They claimed racism, which is asinine! President Trump was friends with every race! He was in several videos, tv shows and rap songs before all of this. One of the greatest pictures with Donald Trump is him with Rosa Parks, and Muhammad Ali!

Trump Ali Rosa Parks
Muhammad Ali. Rosa Parks and Donald Trump-
All receiving Humanitarian Awards

In Palm Beach, the Palm Beach Country Club is a Jewish Club that doesn’t allow Gentiles. They once told Senator John F. Kennedy that he could not golf there, for that reason. When Kennedy became President, he was invited to the Palm Beach Country Club and Matriarch Rose Kennedy “cordially accepted, and then told them to go fuck themselves”! The Everglades Club, Bath & Tennis and Palm Beach Country Club all have their own forms of racism… All but one, Mar-a-Lago! Donald Trump accepted everyone! That is the man that he is, that the media won’t allow everyone to see! Because they need division, because they know President Trump is fighting for us, the people…not partnered with the Cabal!

When this is all said and done, President Trump will go down as the greatest President of all time!

Everything is adding up to show that several indictments have taken place in Guantánamo, after that has been dramatically upgraded! Shortly prior to President Trump leaving Office, he amended the Federal Death Penalty law, allowing for hangings and a firing squad! He clearly did that to fully send to justice those treasonous pedophile bastards that has been running the Country, and so many presidents since they killed Kennedy from multiple directions!

Donald Trump was being attacked by the FBI, CIA/media, and the entire Washington swamp, from both sides of the aisle! This should show any critical thinker, that he was directly over the target! He played them masterfully, and I believe was a part of the Q team…  with quite possibly, John F. Kennedy Jr.! Junior would be the one that could unite the entire World, even the brainwashed!

President Trump was playing 5D chess with these satanic pedophiles, and I believe this truth will soon come to light! He put them on stage, to hang themselves. Fauci, etc. Like Rudy Guliani when he was sweating hair dye down his face, while presenting voter fraud. Rudy knew he was busted for being complicit in 9-11 coverups, at the very minimum.

Whether the JFK Jr. connection comes to fruition or not, it should be noted-if President Trump didn’t do this in his presence, he did it in their honor!!! President Trump knows, as do so many, that the election was stolen and it was proven in the documentary, 2000 Mules. Fake ballots were sent in from multiple countries. The Dominion voting machines can be altered, just like Diebold machines did for Bush Jr.’s election. There will never be another fair election until the system is fixed!

DECEASED PEOPLE VOTED IN 2020! Democrat, no less… for the first time in their lives.

President Trump will fix this!

One of the last posts by Q before they went dark was NCSWIC. Everyone thought it was a mantra, myself included… Nothing can stop what is coming! But it was far more than that! It’s an acronym for National Cyber Security Warfare Foreign and Domestic, set up under Space Force that Biden so foolishly and flippantly laughed off! They have been documenting everything from the election, including ballots coming in from Italy, Great Britain, Iran, and China. Among others, I’m sure! The fraud, treason, and Global corruption are all being documented by NCSWIC; including the manufactured war in Ukraine to funnel money to them, through dirty Biden deals! So, it is true, nothing can stop what is coming! This must be resolved before the upcoming election. Hopefully the midterm election, please God!

Something didn’t add up during President Trump’s farewell speech to the Nation. It wasn’t until the following day when I rewatched it, that I noticed it like a punch in the face. The flags all had gold trim. Military control!

Gold trimmed flags mean Military Control!

President Trump had confirmed what several anticipated…he signed the Insurrection Act which puts the Military in control! This would also explain why when Biden drove down Pennsylvania Avenue on “Inauguration Day”, they turned their backs on him…which they are not allowed to do, based on their oath! This also confirms Biden was not President! President Trump offered the 1776 Booklet from the White House website, which was immediately taken down on day one of the coup d’état. If President Trump really lost, he wouldn’t have left so quietly. This also confirms it…the battle was not over! Like Donald Trump the man used to say, very often the battle is won when the other side thinks they have you defeated. He is going to take down the Cabal, and in turn go down as the GREATEST President in history!

This was Biden’s “Inauguration Day”. The Military is not allowed to do this to any President! Confirming the Military was in control, like the flags displayed in the first video!

Scroll down this list below and notice the documents at the bottom…Mind blowing!

Q’s last post before going dark was about [N][C][S][W][I][C]. It redirected to this official government website…

They caught them here and continue to do so. They documented it all!