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How Did Building 7 Fall?

How Did Building 7 Fall on September 11? For over a decade since that horrific day, I was brainwashed into believing the Twin Towers could have fallen because the planes were filled with enough gasoline to head cross country. It wasn’t until I woke up, that I remembered NO PLANE TOUCHED SOLOMON BUILDING 7!!! So how did it fall at the same rate of speed as Buildings 1 & 2? University of Alaska did a comprehensive study and determined it didn’t collapse. It was demolished. UAF Study CONFIRMS Fire DID NOT cause World Trade Center Building 7 collapse!!! The CIA had storage offices and classified files in this building, including the JFK files. The Secret Service also had offices in this building. The Mayor’s Office of Emergency Managment was set up there, with impenetrable security measures. Why did Rudy Giuliani move the entire Emergency Management office, unless he knew the building was going to fall at some point? It is mere coincidence that with the collapse of this building, went the files on the JFK Assassination Coup d’état, along with the SEC case filings on the corporate fraud of the ENRON and WORLDCOM cases. It should also be noted that World Trade lease holder Larry Silverstein cashed out with a $7,000,000,000 (7 Billion) payout, after cashing in on the 15-million-dollar investment. I suppose it is also coincidental that Larry and family were not at work that day!

Fire DID NOT cause Building 7 to collapse on 9-11…but Larry Silverstein did, when he ordered the firefighters to “pull it”. He ordered this demolition late in the afternoon on 9-11, when referring to his building that he just double insured months before. The biggest question I have to Mr. Silverstein is how did he manage to prepare a massive skyscraper for demolition on the very chaotic morning of 9-11…in Manhattan that day?!

So, it wasn’t just “Conspiracy talk”. Building 7 fell at the same rate of speed as Buildings 1 & 2!!! (Most people forget a third building imploded that day)

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How Did Building 7 Fall on 9-11?

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