When I first started noticing and talking about Chemtrails, decades ago…it was an absolute conspiracy theory. And like any good conspiracy theory, it takes time to catch up to the truth. No longer just a theory, it is now officially labeled by the Department of Defense as Geoengineering. Intended to slow Global warming, they decided to block the Earth from the Sun! …by spraying deadly, heavy metals such as Barium (Ba), Aluminum (Al), and other dangerous nanoparticles, etc. into the atmosphere. So no longer a “conspiracy theory”, now it’s just a CONSPIRACY! Could explain why the Government once purchased 52 million pills of Potassium Iodide. Suggested for use after a nuclear fallout, it also clears the body and the brain of heavy metals!!! Exactly what they’re spraying!

Barium (Ba) + Aluminum (Al) = Baal (the Devil)

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Still can’t fathom the reality of all this? CIA Director John Brennan admits it here!!!

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