Election Fraud 2000 Mules

Election Integrity

Election integrity is a comical term these days, with our CIA and Politicians running rampant across the Globe. They perfected their treasonous ways in Global Assassinations and South American Election Coup’s, only to turn their attacks on this great Country! Whether you believe in the Election’s integrity and that Biden won from his basement, with 80 million votes, or you believe in the absolutely treasonous Coup d’├ętat in the most horrific election fraud in History? THIS IS A MUST WATCH!!! Click the link below to watch the FULL MOVIE here, FREE!

2000 Mules- FULL MOVIE here, FREE on Gab TV!!! (Watch TRAILER below)

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After watching 2000 Mules, it is blatantly obvious that this 2020 Election was a Political Coup d’├ętat. Our CIA has perfected this practice around the World and now directed their attention within, once again. If this happens in one election, it will happen in all of them! There must be a voter identification, and those opposing it are actually being racist by implying lower income communities can’t get them. They moved the MLB All Star Game out of Atlanta to protest voter ID’s…yet moved it to Colorado, where voter identification is mandatory. Using voter identification as an excuse, they moved the MLB All Star Game to take the story away from the shocking passing of Legend Hank Aaron, who had taken the vaccine days prior. Coronavirus was weaponized to justify mail-in ballots, and this documentary shows the treasonous fraud that was perpetrated on the United States of America.

The Liberal side has justified the fraud in the 2020 election as being for a greater good, because the programming worked. The greater problem is when the other side uses it, like Bush Jr. did with the Diebold machines. This system has been proven inadequate and must be replaced.

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