Bill Gates depopulation


Everyone has an opinion on whether to be vaXXXinated or not. I personally know that after Bill Gates admitted he wanted to depopulate the Earth with the help of vaccinations, that I wasn’t buying what he was selling! (Is there an Organic one, where the company IS held liable for negligence?) Opinions on this matter have surprisingly turned political. No matter what side you are on, politically, these are the facts.

On top of these cases, I am devastated to add my Mom to this list. She was healthy and so full of life – until she took the vaccine. Then it was a year of medical horrors with her passing away from a series of multiple strokes, yet no history of strokes in the family.

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Just a coincidence…


Ontario hospital network mourns loss of three doctors who died within a week – CTV News

THREE DOCTORS From the Same Hospital “Die Suddenly” in the Same Week After Hospital Mandates Fourth COVID Shot

According to the nurse, the three doctors died after the hospital started mandating the fourth Covid shot for their employees.

“Three physicians at the Mississauga hospitals have died this week,” the nurse told Monique. “1st memo Monday, 2nd Tuesday, 3rd Thursday. [The] cause of death wasn’t shared in the memo, but how many times have 3 doctors died in 1 week, days after the hospital started administering the 4th shot to staff.”

“This is in addition to the physician who worked at North York General who died this week while out running. How many more “coincidences” will people accept. These shots need to be pulled,” the nurse concluded.

Three Ontario Doctors Die After Covid-19 Booster Shot? Hospital Denies Rumors, Claims Deaths Unrelated to COVID-19 Vax

“Four Canadian Doctors in Toronto Area Died Last Week [within one week of their 4th dose of the COVID-19 vaccine] Three of the doctors are from the same hospital system â€” Trillium Health, which serves Mississauga and western Toronto in the Canadian province of Ontario,” wrote another.


Debunking the speculations surrounding the deaths of the three doctors, Reuters Fact Check reported that the claims have no evidence. “The passing of three Ontario physicians was unrelated to the COVID-19 vaccine, according to the hospital they worked at. There is no evidence to suggest otherwise,” the article claimed. (Sounds like the “Magic Bullet theory)

Will physicians EVER speak out?

Florida doctor’s death after receiving COVID-19 vaccine sparks investigation

Researchers find dramatic increase of sudden cardiac death following Covid-19 infection and/or vaccination

“Myocarditis tends to develop rapidly in younger individuals, mostly after a second vaccination; pericarditis tends to affect middle age and older patients later, after either the first or second dose.”

“While all the biological mechanisms associated with SCD (Sudden Cardiac Deaths) are not yet clear, the same adverse events following smallpox vaccine have been long known.”

CNN Propaganda story (They admit the truth here yet keep pushing their agenda…to GET VACCINATED! And worse, push it on the most vulnerable!)

Growing share of Covid-19 deaths are among vaccinated people, but booster shots substantially lower the risk

Boosters benefit high-risk seniors most

Astonishing Spike in Post-Vaccine Deaths Gets No Media Coverage as Over 2,000 Reported THIS WEEK Alone

“VAERS data released today by the CDC showed a total of 438,441 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 9,048 deaths and 41,015 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and July 2, 2021.”

CDC Caught Deleting 6,000 COVID Vaccine Deaths from VAERS Website, Report Says

“Herein lies the problem: the VAERS database showed on Friday that there had been 11,140 reported deaths from the COVID vaccine in the United States alone, the Gateway Pundit reported. This figure shows a slight increase from the 9,125 reported deaths reported last week.

On Wednesday, the CDC updated its website to indicate that “in the United States from December 14, 2020, through July 19, 2021, …VAERS received 6,207 reports of death (0.0018%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine.”

On July 19, Monday, however, the very same website, showed that “VAERS received 12,313 reports of death (0.0036%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine.” This is a staggering 6,000 post-vaccination deaths. This update can be seen at the Internet Archive.”

The COVID-19 “Vaccine Holocaust”: The latest antivaccine messaging

Vaccine deaths are up nearly 4,000% over the year before!

Before I discuss why this narrative is deceptive, it helps to give you a taste of it, first from Dr. McCullough:

Under normal circumstances, 50 deaths reported to the CDC’s VAERS surveillance system would result in a drug being taken off market immediately.

In the case of the COVID shots, however, thousands of deaths have already been reported, and yet the mass vaccination programs continue to be pushed.

Dr. McCullough, a professor of medicine who developed a globally acclaimed and highly successful COVID treatment protocol, also emphasized that there have been many unnecessary deaths as a result of policy decisions made at various levels of government.”

Now let’s hear Mike Adams’ version of it. He starts out, as he often does, trying to seem reasonable:

“According to government data published at, just 82 people died in 2020 after being vaccinated. But so far in 2021, there are 3,317 deaths that have been reported following covid-19 vaccinations.

That’s an increase of nearly 4000%, and we’re barely into the second quarter of 2021 (versus the entire year of 2020).

Less than half of the US population has been vaccinated so far, which means as that number increases, the deaths will increase, too. If this trend continues, we are likely to see somewhere between 12,000, – 15,000 post-vaccine deaths reported to the VAERS system by the end of calendar 2021.”

Then, as Adams nearly always does, he goes right off the deep end:

“My well-educated guess is that right now, covid-19 vaccines have likely killed around 50,000 Americans. This puts the covid vaccine on par with the number of Americans killed in the entire Vietnam War. That makes sense because the vaccine industry is waging war on humanity, and by the time they’re done, they hope to exterminate billions.

This number is likely to exceed 250,000 by the end of this year, putting vaccine atrocities in the category of being, as Tucker Carlson said last night, “The single deadliest mass vaccination event in modern history.”

We are witnessing a vaccine holocaust being inflicted upon humanity, and no one is allowed to say that anyone has suffered any harm whatsoever from the vaccine. To do so gets you banned, blacklisted and smeared. If you happen to be particularly effective at telling the truth about this vaccine holocaust, you will be named, doxxed and targeted by a complicit media that now works as the propaganda enforcement arm of the medical mafia.”

Lisa Shaw: Presenter’s death due to complications of Covid vaccine

A radio presenter died due to complications from the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, a coroner has found.

Lisa Shaw, who worked for BBC Radio Newcastle, died at the age of 44 in May after developing headaches a week after getting her first dose of the vaccine.

Newcastle coroner Karen Dilks heard Ms. Shaw suffered blood clots in the brain which ultimately led to her death.

Deaths after Covid vaccination: Tracking adverse events, hospitalizations

Myocarditis-induced Sudden Death after BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination in Korea: Case Report Focusing on Histopathological Findings

“We present autopsy findings of a 22-year-old man who developed chest pain 5 days after the first dose of the BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine and died 7 hours later. Histological examination of the heart revealed isolated atrial myocarditis, with neutrophil and histiocyte predominance.”

Strokes, heart attacks, sudden deaths: Does America understand the long-term risks of catching COVID?

“Arizona Cardinals defensive end J.J. Watt recently disclosed that he had an episode of atrial fibrillation. While the condition can be caused by a number of reasons, Watt was diagnosed with COVID in the weeks leading up to his health crisis.

A 35-year-old acquaintance drops dead from a hemorrhagic stroke. A friend in her 40s, and another in his 70s, experience recurrent spells of extreme dizziness, their hearts pounding in their chests when they stand. A 21-year-old student with no prior medical history is admitted to the ICU with heart failure, while a 48-year-old avid tennis player, previously healthy, suddenly suffers a heart attack. A relative is diagnosed with pericarditis, an inflammation of the protective sac surrounding the heart.”

New study links Covid-19 to strokes in young healthy patients

In the most comprehensive study of its kind, researchers have found a definite increase in stroke incidence among younger patients suffering Covid-19.

“A large new international study involving 136 research institutions in 32 countries has found a disturbing increase in stroke incidence among younger people suffering Covid-19.”

Of the 136 different medical centers in 32 countries, at least 71 reported a patient who had a stroke during their hospitalization for coronavirus or shortly thereafter.

Of the 432 patients, 323 (74.8%) had acute ischemic stroke, 91 (21.1%) intracranial hemorrhage, and 18 (4.2%) cerebral venous or sinus thrombosis.

Most troubling was the high occurrence of ischemic strokes in younger patients with no known existence of the types of ‘classical’ risk factors that contribute to the onset of stroke such as vascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or smoking.

Of the 380 patients who were known to have experienced strokes alongside COVID-19, close to 38 percent (144 patients) had no recognizable symptoms from the virus, such as cough or fever; the diagnosis came only after they were admitted to the hospital for stroke.”

Seventeen-year-old Washington female dies from heart attack weeks after receiving second Pfizer vaccination

“A 17-year-old female from Washington died from cardiac arrest 36 days after having received her second Pfizer vaccination. She becomes the third known person found in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) to possibly have died from a COVID-19 vaccine. According to information in the report, she had recovered from a symptomatic but not severe case of COVID-19 in August.”

The VAERS data reviewed shows 29 deaths in the U.S. of people ages 12-17 as of Nov. 5. The youngest was a 12-year-old female in South Carolina with multiple preexisting conditions.

Earlier this summer, a 34-year-old male from Washington developed anaphylactic reaction after a Pfizer vaccination on June 15, 2021. He suffered cardiac arrest on June 23, eight days after receiving the vaccine, then died on June 25. After a full autopsy, a forensic pathologist determined the patient was a healthy adult with no heart disease, no liver disease, and no pneumonia. The coroner determined after a toxicology report that the COVID-19 vaccine was the only contributing factor. 

Jessica Berg Wilson, a 37-year-old mother of two, died Sept. 7 from what her obituary says was “COVID-19 vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia.” It is a rare condition causing blood clots.”

“REALLY Disturbing” Post-COVID-Vax Death Statistics

“For months, a key piece of data had eluded Steve Kirsch, executive director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation. “I’ve been asking everyone: Show me the all-cause mortality data proving the vaccines are safe.” On May 5, he wrote on Substack that he finally had the data. But, like pretty much every other government intervention on COVID-19, Kirsh found the younger the vaccinated were, the more likely they were to die than if they had refused the jab.”

What the government data says about COVID-19 vaccine side effects

“As of March 11, federal health officials say there is no evidence linking deaths reported after vaccinations and the vaccinations themselves.”

Michigan boy dies 3 days after getting Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, CDC is investigating

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating the case of a 13-year-old Saginaw County boy who died in his sleep three days after getting his second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in mid-June. 

The county health department confirmed the investigation, telling the Free Press that the medical examiner’s office conducted an autopsy, and the death was reported to the state health department as well as the CDC.

“The investigation as to whether there is a correlation between his death and vaccination is now at the federal level with CDC,” said a joint statement issued by Saginaw County Health Department Medical Director Dr. Delicia Pruitt and Health Officer Christina Harrington.

A rare possible myocarditis association

The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices found that among adolescents and young adults who got the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, there appears to be an association with rare cases of myocarditis and pericarditis.

Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle that can affect heart rhythm and its ability to pump. Pericarditis is inflammation of the sac or pericardium around the heart. 

The complications have been reported at a rate of 12.6 per million among people ages 12-39 within 21 days after a second dose of the vaccine. The problems were most likely to appear within the first five days after vaccination, according to a Vaccine Safety Datalink analysis. Some cases have been reported after the first vaccine dose as well.

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