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This website is not politically biased. We will expose the evil on both sides of the fence, and the traitors on top of it. We will further examine what President John F. Kennedy told us about Secret Societies. How this information came about is quite fascinating. I wanted to know who killed JFK!!! My journey started with spending three decades in Palm Beach, Florida. While there, I have shaken hands with three Presidents, was told by Ethel Kennedy at the VIP movie premiere of “Bobby” that, “I was so handsome, I looked like one of them”. Who was I to argue with Camelot Royalty. (haha) I met a member of the Bilderberg Society, and I befriended one of the Rothschilds. All this confirmed what I had already known. There is a group of people above the Presidents, pulling strings. One Rothschild told me that he finances countries, and when you finance a country, you own it.
Reminiscent of Mayer Amschel de Rothschild saying, “Give me control of a nation’s money, and I care not who writes it’s laws”.
They are the TRUE one-percenters, and they remain in power because the 99% of the rest of us remain divided, by their doing…and our acceptance. DIVIDE AND CONQUER – (The Art of War). They keep us divided by race, religious backed wars that they literally finance both sides of, crooked politics, social status, economic status…hell, even sports rivalries…all meant to keep us divided. This next sentence is what has gotten several great people killed. We are all one people! People of whatever God you believe in, in whatever translation. UNITED WE STAND! DIVIDED WE FALL!!!
This website will expose them and their agenda!
Join me in helping others to…