John Perkins - Economic Hitman

John Perkins

John Perkins – Apologies of an Economic Hitman

MUST WATCH!!! John Perkins went from being an Economic Hitman for the CIA, to becoming a true American Patriot! He was once employed to go into Countries with appealing resources, and offer them a bribe, or a threat. Their fate hanging in the balance. Ecuadorian President Jaime Roldos Aguilera chose the wellbeing of his Country over greed. The next scene in the documentary is chilling, cutting to the President’s funeral procession.

When Perkins failed, they sent in the next team…killing this heroic man, President Jaime Roldos Aguilera

A captivating scene in this movie has John Perkins facing the people of Ecuador, explaining his involvement to them and apologizing…including a heartfelt apology to the slain President’s daughter. If you wondered if the Government could do this, or if it was happening, or even possible, here is the proof!

Apologies of an Economic Hitman

This is being done in CIA covert operations with black ops money, on behalf of the New World Order. Perkins speaks out about the CIA, the Cabal, and gives speeches about the Corporatocracy, and how Corporations have taken over Politics.

John Perkins in a 2014 interview with Dialogos Radio: “Essentially, my job was to identify countries that had resources that our corporations want, and that could be things like oil – or it could be markets – it could be transportation systems. There’re so many different things. Once we identified these countries, we arranged huge loans to them, but the money would never actually go to the countries; instead it would go to our own corporations to build infrastructure projects in those countries, things like power plants and highways that benefitted a few wealthy people as well as our own corporations, but not the majority of people who couldn’t afford to buy into these things, and yet they were left holding a huge debt, very much like what Greece has today, a phenomenal debt.

And once [they were] bound by that debt, we would go back, usually in the form of the IMF – and in the case of Greece today, it’s the IMF and the EU [European Union] – and make tremendous demands on the country: increase taxes, cut back on spending, sell public sector utilities to private companies, things like power companies and water systems, transportation systems, privatize those, and basically become a slave to us, to the corporations, to the IMF, in your case to the EU, and basically, organizations like the World Bank, the IMF, the EU, are tools of the big corporations, what I call the ‘corporatocracy.'”