FBI Pedophile symbols

Pizzagate & Frazzledrip

For those who don’t believe the Pizzagate and Frazzledrip stories, you probably haven’t investigated it beyond the “fact checkers” or mainstream mockingbird media. Please look at Comet Pizza owner James Alefantis’s social media posts. They are horrific, and heartbreaking!!! Especially when you see the St. James Island references. May these poor victims have a special seat with God…and may their evil perpetrators be met by the family members…and if not, then with an especially angry Military Tribunal!!!

DISCLAIMER: You can’t unsee this or unlearn it. There is no going back and no resting until these people meet their justice. Please proceed with caution…knowing President Trump will not have allowed this, and will end this evil!!! This is the reason President Trump amended the Federal Death Penalty options to now include hangings and the firing squad!

“PIZZA ARRANGEMENT??? “Hotdogs can come, …but they will be our downfall”? Hot dogs will be??? CLEARLY TALKING CODE! “Predetermined locations”??? They are “apparently” talking about hot dogs! Why have predetermined locations, if simply just hot dogs the food???
Clinton goes on,You are the President, and if you disagree, WE CAN VOTE ON IT”??? If the President of the United States disagrees with this group, he has to VOTE on it???


These next posts are from Comet Pizza owner James Alefantis…aka JimmyComet


Frazzledrip is one of the evilest of rituals on this Planet! This story came to light with the release of Hillary Clinton’s emails, and a video that surfaced from Anthony Wiener’s laptop, when he was arrested for pedophilia. He was married to Huma Abedin, Clinton’s Chief of Staff.

Why bring a hammer to a pizza place? Why bring an inhaler after a sacrifice night?

The horrific recordings showed the human sacrifice of a 10-year-old little girl. It is believed in these Satanic circles that adrenalized blood from a child is more vibrant and better oxygenated. The evil ritual includes peeling the face off a child…sending them into traumatic shock, while adrenalizing the blood! They then extract the blood from the Pineal Gland and drink it. They believe it is a euphoric high and gives them cosmetic results comparable to the fountain of youth. This practice has been discussed in mainstream media and movies such as Hunter S. Thompson’s, Fear and Loathing in L.A., among many others.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (10/10) Movie CLIP – Too Much Adrenochrome (1998) HD – YouTube